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Model No: VGIFP-75GK8386

Features :-

Size: 75"

Camera: 5MP 

Android : 9.0  

Space: 3+32GB 

Touch Points: 20 

Screen: Anti-Glare 

Technology: 4K

Product Description

The VGIFP-75GK8386 is an interactive flat panel (IFP). It is a 75-inch panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. It has a touchscreen that supports up to 10 simultaneous touch points. The IFP is also equipped with a built-in camera and microphone, making it ideal for video conferencing and presentations. It also has a built-in speaker system.

The VGIFP-75GK8386 is a great choice for classrooms, businesses, and other settings where an interactive display is needed. It is easy to use and has a variety of features that make it ideal for a variety of purposes.

Here are some of the pros of the VGIFP-75GK8386:


Large display with high resolution

Capacitive touchscreen with 10 simultaneous touch points

Built-in camera and microphone

Built-in speaker system

HDMI, VGA, and USB inputs

RJ45 Ethernet port

Wi-Fi connectivity

Android operating system

Here are some additional details about the VGIFP-75GK8386:

The IFP has a brightness of 350 nits, which is not as bright as some other IFPs. However, it is still bright enough for most applications.

The touchscreen can be unresponsive at times, especially when multiple people are using it at the same time.